Wednesday, November 29, 2006

February and April 07

Okay, so I went to because grumperina had a link on her blog to a book...

anyway... i kept on clicking on stuff like "lace style" by interweave... and others (like about 5 others) that were all due out in February and April of 07.

Funny how there was nothing in January or March, but hey... at least now I know to save my money.


ps. i have updates on socks... i just need to find that damned charger for my camera

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OMG! IT'S A BOY!!! (again!)

okay, i don't normally write about non knitting things... but...

my sister delivered! she was expected to go around december 19th i think???? but they took her off of whatever that medicine is that makes you not contract on sunday.

anyways, i was in the hospital all freaking day, almost fell asleep...

i watched the entire delivery and didn't get nearly sick or almost pass out like her first one...

i still think live birth is gross looking... but it's still amazing.

so that brings the count to 3 nephews and 1 niece from both my sisters!

yay for babies!

Monday, November 13, 2006

yay they're watching

hehehe - cookie and kristi read my blog


oh... i guess i have to post something too....

well here's the long and short of it all - DON'T SECOND GUESS THE PATTERN - especially when the maker (eunny) finds the hypotenuse of shoulders so that stripes line up perfectly when wearing it...

b/c anyone who uses algebra and geometry to make a pattern... well, i doubt they post mistakes.

so my heel - i second guessed it... i knitted the the back loop instead of knitting - and i did k1, s1 instead of s1 k1 --- but atleast i was smart enough to purl until end and slipping the last...

but yeah, i'll fix it on the next one.

ps progress picks to come


Saturday, November 04, 2006

socks socks socks... oh and progress oh and publicity?

yes i know... i took on the eunny jang - what was i thinking? well i was thinking roomie's coworker is a really nice guy. r's coworker is trying to invite us over for dinner - and for a non people person, that's a huge deal - so i wanted to give him a present. you know one artist to another...

it's in gems opan in the navy color from springwater fiber. i know i suck with the links right now , but i'm supposed to be doing other things.

the opal is sportweight and i DID NOT mod the pattern at all. i had called my red and asked for her opinion - and she just happened to be knitting a sock in sport weight for her dad who just happens to be the same shoe size... AND my buddy that i introduced her to happens to be the same shoe size and he graciously took measurements of his foot for her... which RED NEEDS TO EMAIL ME FOOT MEASUREMENTS =) hint hint... i love myself/red =)

but it is beautiful, surprisingly easy to follow. i'm starting to like charts.

remember elisha's jaywalker? well i ran out of yarn...well realized i was going to, ripped it out - oh and yes, the whole "knit the bottom in a solid color" thing didn't work... well b/c socks are in the round and not flat! so anyway... that got ripped out and became the rpm from knitty (although it's not mentioned in their archive, you actually have to google it... i don't understand why)

but this was the only picture that showed the colors well - the heel is different from what i'm used to. i like it. and i didn't try it on b/c her foot's longer than mine... i'm a size 6 and she's a 7.5-8. the toe was pointer than i'd hope, but i already grafted and i wasn't going to ungraft.

and yes...all you non believers, i casted on the 2nd sock for rpm.

okay so all you non believers... i did put down the 2nd rpm and casted on the pomatomus. *sigh* it was a tugging of the flowers roomie gave me (for no reason at all! you gotta love random gifting!) which happened to be the same colors as the yarn i got from kbrece on ebay. (i know i know links links)

the yarn is GORGEOUS and it does not pool in this pattern.

yes i know ... it took me how many socks to realize that things will pool depending on needle size, knitting round v flat, and pattern....

anyway... i love the colors. they're really fabulous. really really really fabulous. i can't wait to knit with the other skein i have...

oh and this is pretty cool - i'm still on the mailing list for the Nova KnitWits of Del Rey...and somehow one of the ladies has a photographer and/slash journalist coming to the knitting group next week to take pictures to MAYBE BE IN NOVA LIVING!!! how fantabulous is that?

and what's even better is that it's this coming tuesday and i maybe able to make it... b/c school will actually be slow! =)

it just makes me miss them and those - like red and g - who have left. there are a lot of new people - so maybe i'll make new friends????

it's always nice to find others who knit.

which reminds me, i love kristi of - she actually writes back and is really nice. she invited me to her spinning group =) too bad i live ... oh on the east coast and she lives on the west. b ut i love nice knitters...

i'm telling you - when i open my store, it's going to say "leave your egos behind" or something along those lines... and yes, i copywrite this!

anyways ttyl!