Wednesday, June 13, 2007


LINK FIXED LMAO... thanks red


yes, i have my own url...again lol

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

birthday update

from the roommate, i got the yarn meter (so i removed it from my wish list) ... eca can dye now... when she gets a break
from the red, eca got these lovely hand spun and hand dyed sock yarn (pics to come) and these skien of noro

from the roommate's dad i got 3 skiens of 50/50 merino/silk (i think it's tussah silk) which i made simple toe up semi-footie socks ... well i only made one

and a skien of red worsted something...which i have to take pics of....

and for those of you who haven't seen a recent update of eca...she's got long hair now...
she takes really shitty pictures so be nice



NO ONLY DID I JUST GET MY "Simply Socks" by Anna Zilboorg...

wrapped in ziplock AND bubble wrap....



pics to come

--- update ---

okay b/c i probably have one of the very very few books signed by her left... in pretty much 99.9% brand new condition... i found another book on (yes cheaper than the $200 we've all seen)... so THAT book, when i get it, will be the book i use. in the mean time, i'm going to ask the roommate about archival wrapping. i just can NOT use this signed book... i can't.

omg have you seen the new knitty?!?!?!

okay is this not the cutest little girl you have ever seen?

and red, we have another person to put out on our hitlist... well maybe just mine, but damn.... this girl is hot...and fuck, she's (around) my age! (and not that this matters, but she lives in the area). maybe i should go to the gym so i can get all pretty and what not... (ps. in the 3rd picture she actually looks like a slightly meatier calista flockhart) oh - here's her blog and yes, i'll probably be visiting this too lol

anyway...enough of the beautiful people...

i will be adding these patterns to my book of "must knits"

coachella - racerback, droop front tank
coupling - lace socks
sweat pea - less lace type of socks

okay...must do homework now...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

call me "the sock wh*re"

okay rather than make ANOTHER posts about socks... i just added a bunch of patterns i like under wish list...

so i guess this was sort of another post, but i modified and old one b/c eca's crafty like that ;)

--- original post---
okay don't do that but still...maybe red was right about eca's sock obession?

Why you ask?
it all started with me stumbling across this picture from this site

to which eca found
site 1
site 2
and site 3

and fell in love with these pictures from site 3

after much scouring of the internet, eca discovered she can't read german and had the roommate's exroomate read sites for her ... bc he's german and can read and speak german...and read and speak english too

so anyway...eca scours internet to find this book is out of print...AND used copies are running anywhere from 200-400 DOLLARS ... yes...

eca put a bid on ebay...but we shall see how much eca is willing to pay for such book...socks are pretty aren't they?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

about that birthday...

so the roommate comes home with ice cream cake and says "they ran out of wiis... so you get to choose what you want...a wii or that pink camera you keep playing with."

yes yes i know ... utterly no tact, but that's what's is lovable about roommate in a "i want to strangle you" sort of way...

so anyway, i just don't see really using a wii anytime soon (still in school and must do without distractions)

so i requested the following
package a:
down and up lace sock pattern

gothic spire

twisted flower sock pattern

soak aquae wash (b/c eca loves that clean fresh smell)


package b:
the yarn meter on the side bar

with either package i'd be we'll see what he gets.

yes red, eca and the socks. now hush!
marin gets a cookie for being nice to the eca =)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


thanks shei

i thought this was really cool so i posted it. i wish they would've paused longer between changes.

heaven help me here i am at work...killing time while waiting for the printer and i check out ravelry.

so i go looking, start reading about the very upset knitter and decide to take a look at the screen shots. i must say i'm very impressed.

me, being the obsessive person that i am...started looking at the names of all the patterns. needless to say i ended up with 3 new sock patterns, and again, have fallen in love with "a step above." here it is on ravelry here it is on the knitting universe website.

so yes, i bought the back ordered issue. unfortunately, there wasn't much else that was good in this issue...but hey sock patterns normally cost around $5-8 a whole magazine at $7.50 with free shipping wasn't bad.

ps. if you're going to buy the magazine, DO NOT use firefox.

pps. (or is it pss???) i'm going to be using the lorna's laces bucks bar i bought a while ago =)

Monday, June 04, 2007

because i grew up in a bi-lingual household...maybe??

okay so roommate always makes fun of me for getting sayings wrong...

and i was thinking of posting something like
"operation 'go behind the red's back' is successful" and then realized that "go behind so and so's back" is a bad thing. so the story on that is...the anti m (see the sidebar for link) and i got red (see the side bar please) a birthday present. yes, we went all incognito like and came up with plans on what to get the red.

we ended up getting her a swift and merion/silk roving.

now mistake #2...
i was knitting the worsted weight green yarn for the roommate and decided i would call the colorway "barely penetrated green" and realized that "penetrated" could (and probably does) have some bad/naughty connotations. but the word is very descriptive. the yarn wasn't colored all the way through because i didn't use enough die for the weight. 1/4 teaspoon measurements are good for fingering weight yarn, but not worsted! even though i did do my non-patented "add more dye during the dyeing process" moves.

but in both cases...oh well. the green isn't to my liking, but the roommate likes it. reminds him of moss or something???

but wrists hurt from marathon knitting.

i finished the embossed leaves pattern, but the socks are 1/2" too short b/c i made 6 pattern repeats instead of 7.

ps. links to come b/c i'm just lazy. can you blame me???
ps. pictures to come