Tuesday, June 12, 2007

omg have you seen the new knitty?!?!?!

okay is this not the cutest little girl you have ever seen?

and red, we have another person to put out on our hitlist... well maybe just mine, but damn.... this girl is hot...and fuck, she's (around) my age! (and not that this matters, but she lives in the area). maybe i should go to the gym so i can get all pretty and what not... (ps. in the 3rd picture she actually looks like a slightly meatier calista flockhart) oh - here's her blog http://olgajazzzy.blogspot.com and yes, i'll probably be visiting this too lol

anyway...enough of the beautiful people...

i will be adding these patterns to my book of "must knits"

coachella - racerback, droop front tank
coupling - lace socks
sweat pea - less lace type of socks

okay...must do homework now...


Marin said...

What a shock! Socks!

Your partner-in-sockwhoredom

Red said...

You are sexier!