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016.Free Patterns for Fingerless Gloves

all links open in a new page =)

The Pictures
To see the images for these patterns, either click the link below, or reference the following photo summary:

The Patterns
001.Mikado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves - mid bicep, 1 cable - up to knuckles, thumb covered - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/mikado-gloves.html

002.Buttoned Up Fingerless Gloves - 1/3 down arm - up to 2nd knuckles, thumb covered - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/mikado-buttonup-gloves.html

003.Voo Doo Wrist Warmers - 1/2 down arm, ribbed - up to knuckles, thumb covered - http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter02/PATTvoodoo.html

004.Wrist Warmer Pattern - 1/3 to 1/2 down arm, cabled around - up to knuckles, thumb exposed - http://wineandneedles.blogspot.com/2004/12/wrist-warmer-pattern.html

005.Web Surfing Mits - 1/2 down arm, ribbed with 1 tiny cable detail - exposed knuckles and thumbs - click for pattern link

006.Someone Stole the Fingers Off My Gloves Gloves - 1/2 down arm, tiny cables around - up to knuckles, exposed thumb - click for pattern link

007.Kid Merino Fingerless Gloves in Rainbow Stripes - 1/3 or 1/2 down arm, ribbed - up to 2nd knuckles, covered thumb - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/KidMerino-fingerless_gloves.html

008.Kim's Sockotta Fingerless Glovers - 1/4 down arm, ribbed and St st - up to 2nd knuckles but INDIVIDUAL FINGERS, thumb covered - http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~kfairchi/fingerless%20gloves.html


ps. here's where i found almost all of them http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/mittens_gloves.php

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015.General Updates

Oops... i forgot to mention that I was making a hat for my friend Alex. It's in the colors of his fraternity. I used Karabella Aurora 8... which i love, but apparently it pills quickly (according to a knitting review http://www.knittersreview.com/article.asp?article=/review/product/010531_a.asp).

I started the project and finished it in 2 days... it was pretty cool, i used the london beanie pattern from the previous hat post and did some math to figure out how to make it fit his head. I have pictures of it up on my photo website, hopefully i'll be able to give it to him this weekend.

oh, and i hate dpns hahahha - i tried doing dan's hat and just wanted to kill myself, so i gave up and got ciruclars instead =)

unfortunately, it took a while for them to come in, so i started on noah's sweater hoodie. i'm just about done with the back panel piece.

oh and i posted on craig's list looking for knitters and jewelry making companions =) i've gotten a few responses but one of them led to a knitting group =)

oh and there's an event http://www.knit-out.org/ that i want to make elisha go with me to =)

hopefully it won't be too cold!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

014.Pattern Wish List

#.Skill Level - Item Type - Type of Pattern - URL

to see picture of all the patterns to choose that way, click the following link:
otherwise, just click on the individual pattern links of the descriptions are enough for you =)

001.Intermediate - V Neck Long Sleeve Sweater - unknown -http://www.knitrowan.com/html/pattern_results.asp?type=&keyword=&complexity=&productCode=&category=New&StartAt=6

002.Experienced & Advanced Cable - V Neck Elf-ish/Celtic Hoodie - Chart http://www.girlfromauntie.com/patterns/shop/rogue/detail.php for the pattern and http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=305 for the yarn kit

003.Intermediate/Advanced - V neck Lace Long Sleeve Sweater - unknown - http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1063

004.Intermediate - One button Long Sleeve Cardigan - unknown - http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=964

005.Intermediate - No Button Rounded Long Sleeve Cardigan - unknown http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=986

006.Intermediate - Side Cabled Halter - unknown - http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=722

007.Intermediate - Plain Knitted Halter - uknown - http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=720

008.Intermediate - Plain Tank Top - unknown http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=759

009.Intermediate - Rolled neck Sweater Tank - Unknown - http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=760

010.Beginner/Intermediate - Wide Strapped V Neck Tank - Unknown - http://www.knitpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=354

011.Unknown - Cowl-Neck Sweater - Unknown - http://www.yarnmarket.com/yarn/Karabella-Cowl-Neck_Sweater_KK150-820.html

012.Unknown - Young & Restless Tunic - Unknown - http://www.yarnmarket.com/yarn/Needful_Yarns-Needful_177_Young_Restless_Tunic-2030.html
*note - the top and bottom are made separately and then sewn together


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013.favorite online websites

company name - url - reason for likes - reason for dislike

kalidescope yarns - kyarns.com - great needle selection (lantern moon rosewood and palm only, brittany birch woods)

hello knitty - helloknitty.com - good selection of yarns but yarns only

knit pixie - knitpixie.com - great patterns, fast answers to inquiries online, good selection of yarn, great website organization - can not search by yarn categories, only by company

knit happens - knithappens.net - great selection of expensive yarns, okay single purchase patterns - pricey, store front not connected to online store

yarn market - yarnmarket.com - good for price comparision, usually cheaper prices, good alternative yarn selection

elann - elann.com - cheaper needles, good alternative yarn selection, cedar balls!!!

pattern works - patternworks.com - huge yarn selection varying from cheap to expensive, great notion section

knitting-warehouse.com - great selection for michaels/joann/acmoore type stuff but cheaper


012.Wooden vs Metal Knitting Needles - oh and plastic too


This is a great discussion, I'll probably xfer it onto hard text incase she decides to delete her blog, make it so that only livejournal users can read, etc...

but here's the long and short of it.

1. better grip of the yarn
1a. sometimes too grippy - so depends on the type of wood and the finish
2. because of the better grip, it's better for "loose knitters"
3. light weight - this makes a huge fucking difference when knitting if you knit a lot
4. warming
5. highly recommended for double pointed needles (so the stitches don't fall off either end)

1. slick slick slick! you can knit fast with these puppies (think addi tubro circulars http://www.addinadeln.de/pages_english/index_en.html)
1a. sometiems too slick and your stitches can fall off easily (think double pointed needles)
2. because of the slickness, it's better for "tight knitters" (like me)
3. now this can go either way depending on preference, but that metal "clicking" noise (when you're making a stitch) and that metal "sliding/scratching" noise (when you tranfer the stitch from one needle to another. some of you may thing "oh cute sound" and others of you may think "ahhhh nails on a chaulk board"
4. cool to the touch - makes a difference in winter
5. heavy - i knitted 8 scarves with lions brand wool (the stupid -aka ultra- soft kind) with silveralume susan bates 14"... my fucking wrists hurt like hell. i was tempted to go out and get a carpal tunnel/ bowling/ roller blading wrist brace

There is plastic, but i haven't knit with those and don't think i ever will...

so think of it like this...wooden is to ergonomic keyboard as metal is to typical keyboard...

also... what needle you use really depends on
1. personal preference (duh!)
2. project (if you're on a circular doing a lot of work and are an experience knitter, you'd probably want the addi turbo circs)
3. money

i may buy some addi circs the next time i do knitting that requires them, but i don't think i will until i'm getting more advanced.

and i will buy the expensive lantern moon needles for the cause (check out that blog entry) but for those of you who like something other than bamboo... try Brittany Birch Crochet Hooks (beautiful decorative top) and Knitting Neeldes (not as fancy but still nice and elegant) - cheapest at elann.com when compared to kyarns.com and patternworks.com


011.Knitting with a Cause: Lantern Moon Needles



I've seen these puppies all over the place - they are expensive as hell, but are of very nice quality and look (obviously).

I read the comments section on this website and stumbled across one about some lady wanting to give up her dog b/c it ate her needle and another saying "great cause." So i did some snopping and found the "about us" website.

so then i thought "how much of this shit actually goes to them?" so i called and spoke to a representative - i dont' have her name, but she was very nice and personable.

Anyway... she basically said...
1. they work with a lady in vietnam who works with the workers
2. the owners used to live in Vietnam
3. a good part of their proceeds goes to help the workers
3a. there are middle men, but the lady mentioned in #1 has a lot of integrity and the owners obviously trust her
3b. they are not for profit so 94% of their profit doesn't go to the workers like in other groups such as "dr.s without borders"
4. (and this was important to me) the workers didn't want to feel like a charity case... aka "help the helpess vietnamese" type of thing, so lantern moon doesn't go around bannering "we help the vietnamese basket weavers!" type of thing

so will i buy
yes, but i recommend going to the store first as the feel of the needles vary with the wood

will i cry when i buy
hell yeah, it's $16-35 for two sticks of polished wood! but, it goes to a good cause!


010.Knitting with a Cause: Mac and Me Patterns


I discovered "Mac and Me" when I went looking for a sweater to knit Noah for Christmas... hopefully I'll finish it before March haahahaha... I'll probably end up knitting him a size 2 Yr Old.

Anyway, I'm all about things with a cause and supporting other, etc etc etc and all the proceeds go to Mac (apparently a girl)'s college tuition.

Now that's a smart mom for being so entrepreneurial!

So if you have any kiddy stuff you like to knit, then buy them!

Stitch DC carries them but it's only good for locals as they don't have an online store

go to google to find the rest...

to see the pattern i bought, visit the "Noah Christmas Gift" link.


Friday, September 09, 2005

009.Noah's Christmas Gift

so i found a new pattern from "Mac and Me" which i love. View the album to see more pictures and links to the pattern. The great thing about the "Mac and Me" patterns is that all the proceeds go for Mac's college tuition and what not. So you know me, gotta support =) i actually didn't know that until I got home and read the back panel of the pattern.

But it made me feel better for spending $5 on one pattern when i could've spent $4.50 for 3 with the other one... although, the mac and me patterns come with actual photos of the thing... and not just picture inserts i'm talking about a 4x5 taped to the front, non glossy too... so that was really nice.

i'm having a bit of trouble understanding what the fuck some parts of her pattern means, but i figure i can go to an independent study class at stitch dc to ask for help, but i'll be damn proud of it when i'm done!

Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to be making Dan a hat, but while I'm in the middle of looking for a hat pattern that'll fit his head, here's my project for Noah ....


I have to buy the pattern, so i can't link to it, but it'll be purchased from knit happens (the physical store) so i can get 20% off my next purchase... i can get atleast 4 stamps out of the hat and sweater yarn so i'll need 3 more before i can take advantage of that 20% thing...

and yes, i will do the ghetto thing and buy in increments of $15 hahahaa. (see "The Knit Happens Insatiable Knitter Card" http://knithappens.net/section_2.cfm)

but it's my hope that after knitting this baby sweater i can finally take a crack at the debbie bliss stuff (particularly cathay) http://debbieblissonline.com/books/cy/index.htm

so more to come...


Monday, August 29, 2005

008.Hat Patters, Measurement Charts, Online Conversions

ooh, i found some felting hat patters to buy from kalidescope yarns (www.kyarns.com)


I'll probably felt them with Cascade 220 until I find something better to knit with...

I just have to get Elisha to measure her head now =)

My friend, Dan, asked me to make him a beanie... he offered to get me something in exchange, but he's given me such neat things =) like my own domo doll and a hindinanotami (god how do you spell it?!?!) so him and his big head (24.5 inches) are making it hard for me to find a pattern to accomodate... most patterns don't mention what size head it will for or if the hat stretches...

oh, and i apparently have a large head for an adult woman (22 inches). aaron said it was my hair but it still makes me sad *sniff* most women hat sizes stop at 20 inches.

but here are some resources i've found...

Online Conversions
some of the measurements are in centimeters and others are in inches...

Hat Sizes
from inches to hat size to description
average sizing

How to measure your head
this is also a link to a basic patter, but tells you how to properly measure your head

Customized hat patterns
this was just cool... apparently you just enter your sizes where appropriate and it will generate the answers for you...

here is a list of hat patterns for him and myself =) from http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/hats.php

Owen Wilson's hat from Life Aquatic (for me)

The only pattern i found that has his head size ... but it's a nice hat too

This is just really basic for anyone

The only pattern i found that tells you how to precisely achieve the proper hat size

I really like this hat, but it doesn't mention the size
and this one too (for the both of us)

A hat I liked for myself, but again, with no measurements

A hat that i liked for myself or as gifts for girls

okay this just looks cool, but really advanced for me since it's patterns

obviously for a child, but i like it anyway... i need to learn how to cable


007.Stripes and Color changes - Jogless Jogs


i thought this was worthy enough of it's own section...

i was a bit worried that if i did this joggless jog on elisha's scarf then she wouldn't be able to find the seam if she washed it... but it's pretty easy to see...
for example http://eknit.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album01&id=DSCN0006

there are 3 rows of silver stripes. notice that there are 2 stitches of silver on the left (they looked liek they're stretched too) and 3 stitches on the right? well, if you were making a seam, then those are your edges. so if you have 5 rows, then you'd have 4 on the left side and 5 on the right.

now, it was hard for me to figure out the "pick up the stitch directly below..." instruction. as i mentioned in my entry about elisha's scarf, i thought it was an m1 move...

but knit stitches go like this (pretend the main color is red and the new stripe is purple. also pretend that your stitch marker is at row 4)
stitch 1 2 3 4
row 1 ^ ^ ^ ^
row 2 ^ ^ ^ ^
row 3 ^ ^ ^ ^

so when you finish the first round of the new color and come back to stitch 4 ... pick up the stitch directly below. this means go to row 2 stitch 4... place it on the needle and knit row 2 stitch 4 together with row 1 stitch 4.

then you knit like normal...

you are NOT picking up the yarn between stitches. you are picking up the stitch from the prior row.

hope this helps.


Friday, August 19, 2005

006.Online Ordering Reviews

Name of Company - Date of Order - Items Ordered - Cost of Items - Shipping Cost - Shipped Date - Date Received - Review

date ordered: 10.12.05
products and cost: karabella cowl-neck sweater KK150 @ $6.85
addi turbo circular needles 16" us5 @ $14.85
shipping cost: $5.49
date shipped: 10.13.05
date received: 10.17.05
review: why do you have me log in to place an order when i can't log out? god i love their shipping and tracking - they're great with questions about products as well OMG THE PATTERN CAME IN A PLASTIC SLEEVE THAT WAS HOLE PUNCHED! THE WOOL WASH CAME IN IT'S OWN SEPARATE BAG INCASE OF SPILLING!!! i love yarn market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

date ordered: 10.12.05
products and cost: 2 skeins of Wool of the Andes in Evergreen @ $1.79 ea, $3.58
1 skein of Wool of the Andes in Chesnut @ $1.79 ea
1 Addi Turbo Circular 24" US5 @ $14.95
shipping cost: $5.25, $25.57 total
date shipped: 10.13.05
date received: n/a
review: i only ordered from here b/c the pattern uses this yarn, and the person wanted the same exact thing...

date ordered: 10.12.05
products and cost: Lion's Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Grey, Cranberry, Butterscotch, and Peacock at $2.36 each
Clover soft ring stitch markers at $3.75
Eucalan Regular Wool Wash 16.9 oz at $7.89
shipping cost: $5.99 flat rate for ground - $27.07 total
date shipped: 10.14.05
date received: 10.17.05
review: GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE - i called b/c i didn't get any email information regarding shipping or processing, so i called and they gave me the tracking number (shipped usps) - really really pleased with them! i wasn't on hold long either.
compared prices with joann.com - you have to look to see which is cheaper. sometimes joann's offers free shipping but more expensive items, so you have to look and see which is a better deal... i prefer giving my money to smaller businesses though =)

date ordered: 10.06.05
products and cost: Royal Ball Winder $41.99
Addi Natura 24" US7 Circulars - $14.95
shipping cost: Free for orders $30+
shipped date: 10.07.05
date received: 10.14.05
review: update to prior entry - i'm still disappointed with the website, but the summary of your order doesn't come until the send you the email saying they're shipping you your stuff... sounds kinda backwards to me though... wouldn't you want to know what you bought immediately prior to shipping just incase something's wrong?
[old entry]
okay - i just got the email confirming that my order was there and
1. there is no summary of the order or how much you spent. all it tells you is your customer number and order number and when to call them for questions
2. i'm really disappointed with the website.
2.a. when i log in to surf the website and then decide i want to look at my order status, i have to log in again
2.b. the "login" button doesn't change to say "log out" or "welcome erica" or wahtever, so you have no way of logging out or knowing if you have
this better get better or i'm never ordering from them again

date ordered: 10.04.05
products and cost: Karabella Aurora 8 "Spring Green" 716 x 12 = $71.88 + $3.59 tax = $75.47
shipping cost: $8.95 ($84.42 total)
shipped date: 10.05.05
date received: 10.06.05
review: I wrote to ask what are the color codes for their yarn and got a quick response! That was nice. Their service actually seems to be getting nicer. I haven't yet received a shipping notice (10.05.05) which is a suprise because they usually process things pretty quick, but we'll see, the day is still young! OMG UPS SHIPPING & TRACKING!!! Okay why did I think they used USPS??? No wonder the shipping is so much! Okay, I ordered 12 balls and 1. the color is more vibrant than i had expected, but htat's okay. but... dude, they never ship yarn in boxes... they were all squished :( come to think of it, have I ever gotten yarn in boxes?

date ordered: 10.03.05
products and cost: 2 x Silk Needle Sleeve (Size Wide) = $14.00
shipping cost: $3.95 Total: $17.95
shipped date: 10.03.05
date received: 10.08.05
review: update on old entry - it didn't match... could it kill you to email me saying it doesn't? one good thing is that they ahve a nifty cheat sheet card - stitches/needlesize/yarn weight, hooks, etc
[old entry]
the website profile manager looks exactly like knitpixie.com - same icons and fonts and stuff... do not like how the silk needle sleeves doesn't have a color option like yarnmarket's does... but do not like yarnmarket's lack of having both sizes. I did qualify for reduced shipping ($2.00 instead of the $3.95) NO TRACKING AND NO ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME!!!! They have a comments section, but don't respond to the comments you make when they make up your invoice. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!!!!

date ordered: 09.28.05
products and cost: Clover US3 and US4 16" circular needles, $7.60 each, $15.20 total
shipping cost: $4.50
shipped date: 09.28.05
date received: 10.01.05
review: i can't believe i ordered it and 7 minutes later it was shipped! confirmation number and everything! i never have a complaint about them! i liked how the invoice said 'thanks for your repeat business' =)

date ordered:
products and cost:
karabella aurora 8 "maroon" 2 balls, "banana" 1 ball, and "ivory" 1 ball and $5.99 for the karabella
1 skien of cascade 220 "forest heather"- $7.00 for cascade
Total ($30.96)
shipping cost: $6.95
date shipped: 09.20.05
date received: 09.21.05
review: uber fast shipping and tracking - i really don't like how they rename the colors on the website. if a company names nad numbers their colors, the use the names, but if a company numbers their colors then they name the yarn color themselves. it makes matching yarns very tricky (liek if you needed more yarn and only have the color code from the label). since the online store and the physical store operate independently and since the only number listed is for the physical store, it's disappointing. can't pick it up until the 22nd b/c my apt is slow to sort!

date ordered:
products and cost:
Alpaca Sportweight . 0010 natural medium gray,
Alpaca Sportweight . 009 natural light grey,
Alpaca Sportweight . 100 black, $7.50x3
Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton . 620 fern, $8.50x4 and
Kate Gilbert Joseph Pattern, 5.00
Total $61.50
shipping cost: $5.00
shipping date: 09.19.05
date received: 09.21.05
review: uber fast shipping! Yay, invoice in color and signed by owners =) came nicely packaged wrapped up in a bag tied with a piece of yarn and some tissue papering. no tracking b/c it’s shipped via usps

date ordered:
products and cost:
boye 3 aluminum stitch holders, $7.20
Clover Takumi Bamboo 7 inch Double Point Knitting Needles US Size 7 $8.10 and US Size 4 $7.85 ($23.15 total)
shipping cost: $4.50
date shipped: 09.20.05
date received: 09.22.05
review: even though they use USPS they give you a tracking number so that's always fun... now comes the waiting!

date ordered:
products and cost:
lantern moon ebony sz8 12" needles - $19.85
shipping cost: $5.49
date shipped: 09.19.05
date received: 09.21.05
review: they have all the lantern moon needles! ebony and blonde are the hardest to find. everyone always has rose wood or palm wood... omg one day shipping and tracking! (post is closed on sundays) how cool is that!?!?! great box! no worries about breaking but could use a bit more stuffing

date ordered:
products and cost:
1 skien of cascade 220's #8509 grey - $6
shipping cost: $2 flat rate!
shipping date:
date received: 08.16.05
review: apparently this arrived the same day as my knithappens order, but my stupid apartment complex couldn't find it (i think they may have squashed it a little too). unfortunately, my roommate failed to mention to me that it came in but wasn't found, so i just picked it up on the 19th. but ordering with them is pretty fast but there's no tracking number and that's kinda annoying.

date ordered:
products and cost:
clover knitting needles, 1 package of 7" dpns sz3, 1 package of 29" circulars sz4 - $15.45 no tax =)
shipping cost:
date shipped: 08.15.05
date received: 08.17.05
review: she personally signed the invoice, so that's always a nice personal touch. the package was stuffed so that's nice too - don't have to worry about your needles getting squashed. she also ships with tracking using usps, while their tracking isn't the best, at least you can see when the item has been delivered. pretty happy with them. no complaints, would order from them again.

date ordered:
products and cost:
6 skiens of ggh scarlett's wine - $6.25ea @ 39.38 w. tax
shipping cost: $7.95
date shipped: 08.14.05
date received: 08.16.05
review: Super fast shipping! Although I did email them with a question and they didn't answer me back, which I think sucks. I hate poor customer service. But they do use UPS which means that the tracking is awesome. So I was really happy with this. Last item ordered and first one to arrive! One thing that does suck about their website is that if you have a question about their online inventory, you can't call them. The number listed on the website is to the store. The store and the online store operate independently. Another thing I don't like about their website is that they don’t' tell you who the manufacturer is of all their items. So if you see something you like and they don't have it, you can not call them to ask them when they will get more in stock and you can't search for it anywhere else. they are great for ordering online, just don't have any questions about stock or manufacturer of non yarn items.


005.Skating Queen Skirt

Pattern: http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTskatingqueen.html
Photo Journal: http://eknit.myphotoalbum.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=album04

so i tried to knit like a bitch on the first panel of stitches (the 6" pleated section) but i failed. US Sz4 needles are really small.

but i have to put this aside so i can knit the stuff by request for my friends...aka dan's hat and noah's sweatshirt hoodie.

i think most of this "holding" comes from the fact that i read the waist measurements... but my hips are about 3 sizes larger than my waist (damn you ass)... but we'll see!

*tears* so i misread the pattern instructions, and after the "k2tog, yo, k1, yo k2tog" i KEPT DOING IT *sniff* when i was supposed to ST st (stocinette stitch) after doing the yo part for one row.... so i had to unravel it... but it's different from unravelling on a straight needle because you have to move everything onto the new needle and htey're connected... so it's "move on stitch, move all the work, move one stitch" and for 165 stitches with 1/2", that's a long time... so i unravelled it thinking i could just insert the needle again. then i realized i can't do that b/c the stitch marker is off so i don't know where i started and then it became this huge mess. i had about 120 yards of unwound egyptian cotton. i tried handrolling it using one of the websites i previously posted, but that didn't work well *sniff*

but i managed to work it out. i made a loop of yarn and have a glass in the center to help me keep it from tangling. i also relaxed my cast-on stitches and so when i work in the round, i'm not tugging on it. it's a bit loose, but i'm trying to tighten it all up prior to starting the pleats!

I love ordering from KnitHappens.net. You'll have to see my knitting ordering review section...

But I love the egyptian cotton =) It was fucking hard to cast on b/c it's so soft and fine that instead of having a 5 wound strands on the needle, it ende dup looking like 5 tiny strands side by side... but it's uber soft. Picks up lint (from soft blankets or doghair) like a bitch though... and sometimes wheny ou try to pull it out it just ends up breaking.

I've done part 1, which was knitting the 1.5" of the back of the drawstring area. I need to take a picture and put it up online.

The color is gorgeous, the material is so soft and it's machine washable and dryable. Can it get any better than that?


Monday, August 15, 2005

004.ball winders and swifts

okay - so i bought a cascade 220 yarn... okay okay... i bought 5 skiens of cascade 220... they look like a twisted pastry.

when untwisted it's probably a 1-2 foot diameter loop... this is very different from the balls or rolls that i'm used to working with. please note that cascade 220 mean 220 yards which is about 100 grams or so and a gram is about 1 oz or so right?

after doing much research i've found the following

  • you have to be VERY careful if you decide to knit with a 2 foot long loop
  • a ball winder is probably a good investment*
  • a swift (a weird umbrella looking device) is probably a good investment**
  • winding by electric drill or mixer is scary looking (god you should see some online pictures) - fortunately for me, i own neither
  • winding 220 yards by hand does NOT look like fun
  • there's line one winder to choose from that makes 4oz balls
  • there's like one cone winder to choose from that makes 4oz balls

here are some websites for you about everything winding...


* while the ball winder is cool and practically a godsent, it makes crappy dinky 4oz balls... i don't like having to cut yarn and make ties and weave in the tails... i like the long beautiful uninterupted pieces of yarn... it could be from my asian heritage since cutting noodles is bad luck... but i like those huge log looking this you get from buying lions brand yarn from michaels... why can't they make ball winders like that?

** it seems like metal swifts are cheap as hell so the consensus is to get a wooden one... or you can use the back of the chair, or if someone loves you a lot - you can use an extra person and have them hole up the 2 foot long loop. the way the swift works is that you have someone (or you if you're coordinated enough) open up the swift to a circumference smaller than your loop, and insert the loop and open it.

now, if you choose to wind, swift or both, please not the following - tightness seems to be an issue with yarn. if you stretch the yarn too much it will lose the elasticity. if you wind it too much it will lose elasticity... get the picture?

so what am i choosing to do? that's right... lay out the 2 foot long loop on the couch, slightly open, and be VERY VERY careful not to tangle the yarn as i unwind it one round at a time.


003.Elisha's Scarf

picture link - http://eknit.myphotoalbum.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=album01


DONE =) washed, blocked, dired, fringed... but she took it w.out me trimming the fringe


so i knitted like a crazy bitch this weekend and went from 9 or 10 stripes to 13!!!! just 2 more rounds of 27 in main color and one more set of stripes and i'll be done!!!!

and yes, i have decided to wash and block!

so that'll be done in time for elisha to take home when she comes over. i'm so excited. my first real knitted project.

and i count this as "real" because 1. i watched a dvd on how to knit so i learned technique 2. i actually understood guage and knitted properly 3. i had to do research on yarn and needle size and binding off techniques, etc...



I added the HP Azkaban Knit Along button =) hehehe... yeah, dorkdom...

Oh and I've taken more pictuers, but my camera is dying and won't stay on long enough so i can xfer the pics to my mac.

but the good knews is that i completed the 8th set of stripes =)!!! only 6 more to go!

okay. for some reason i didn't really envision working on circulars as knitting in a spiral. i guess i thought it was like stacking blocks (stitches) in a circle and then going up one... so like a stacked tower rather than a spiral.

knowing that you knit in a spiral explains the shifts in colors (or stripes) when you knit.

doing some research online i figured out it was called a "joggless jog." (i don't even know how i arrived at finding the title for it... but here's teh website i found most useful http://www.socknitters.com/kickback/joglessjog.htm

all other times i thought the "pick up stitch directly below" was a m1 move, until i saw they were actually picking up the sucker in the picture ahhahaha...

more pictures of elisha's scarf put on =) yay. i figured at the rate i was knitting i'd finish it in time for christmas. (you need 15 sets of stripes. i was averaging about 1 set/week and i have 3 down... so 3 months from now (15-3 = 12 sets left. 12 sets/4 weeks per month = 3 months).

i have to up my game if i want to finish it... *sigh* my skirt may have to be put on hold...

okay so i redid the prior entry b/c it wasn't helloknitty's fault that i didn't get my yarn, you'll have to read the ordering review to get the story.

but i started my stripes =) not quite sure how to "carry up" the yarn on a circular... i figured it would be the same as a straight needle, but the color i'm carrying up shows through the seam of the color i'm knitting with... so i can see green on the silver stripe and silver on the green stripe. weird huh? oh well, i'll figure it out =)

the colors look nice, i'm excited... it's a very easy "no brain required" knitting project. i can't wait to finish it and send it to her!

i do not have the silve yarn yet - so i'm stuck... not happy, see online ordering reviews...

So I've casted on my 90 stitches, I joined the scarf improperly and didn't realize it until I needed to add a stripe, but that's okay. Technically speaking, it's not proper, but it still works.

What I mean by improperly is that instead of casting on 91 stitches and joining #91 and #1 together or instead of just continuing on the round and really tightening up on the knit, i knitting back into #90, placed my stitch marker, and then continued... so i have to remember this when i'm one or that one stitch will always have on extra... but i don't know if it'll matter or not when i put the fringe on *thinking*

anyway, i'm very proud of my knitting, it's even and smooth, and i've learned to hold my stitches "continental style"... now, if only i could knit w.out looking so i don't miss anything on tv hahahahaa.

the one problem i have is that the cascade 220 yarn is wrapped like a pretzel... basically it's one BIG loop and it's twisted up into itself so make it compact. I'm used to tubes or balls of yarn where you pull an end and knit with that, and the yarn ball/tube unravels from the inside out so everything is need an orderly.

well i have about a 2' loop laying on my couch when i knit being really cautious not to get it tangled... and when i'm done i have to retwist it back on itself... it was when i had come to need a stripe i realized that i should've bought a ball winder (see wish list hahahaha)... but i'll do that later, right now it's still manageable.

i ordered the silver color from helloknitty.com and it hasn't shipped yet. i'm kinda upset considering i ordered yarn from knithappens.net last night and it was SHIPPED last night.

oh well ... it's probably good i odn't get obsessed w. my knitting right now - i need to concentrate more on working out =)


Sunday, August 14, 2005

002.Knitting Inventory

so here's a list of stuff i own or have ordered - http://eknit.myphotoalbum.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=album02

i started off with silvalume needles b/c i thought "ooh metal, slicker, faster" but have found out that bamboo or wooden is supposed to be better b/c it's lighter in your hands and easier on your wrists. And I find that true. the 14" straight needles are so big for me to work with, and i haven't knit anything that required that width, so most of the time, the end of the left needle is sitting in my lap and i work my needles in a perpendicular rather than a crossing, like you see most people do it.

i have pretty much used everything except for the cable needle b/c that's something i just couldn't teach myself to use. i'm hoping that yarnbag.com's new knitting dvd will have someting about it.

by the way, that dvd on yarnbag.comis the best dvd. i have other "how to" books or cd and that's the best one i've found. and i hate referring to things, but i love this and would buy it for my friend, except i don't have money right now...

oh, and i love circulars. the more i learn about knitting, the more i find people fancy circular needles... which i understand it for the working with tube like things (socks, thick scarves, sweaters, bags, etc) but have come to appreciate having your two needles attached. you don't lose your other needle in the couch cushions or on the floor! it really is the same technique when you think about it... you knit from left to right... and instead of going around in a circle, switch hands like you would straight needles and do it again. i think i'm going to invest in circulars from now on...


001.Hello World!

so i've picked up a new hobby along with painting and jewelry making ... it's knitting! hahah not like you couldn't tell from the url of the blog...

but it's easy, it's fun, and it's protable =) knowing my impatience, i'll probably take up sewing next.

anyway... last year i made like 7 or 8 scarves for people for christmas. i taught myself how to knit and while my technique and understandings were off, it got the job done.

scarf making is a bit boring, b/c it just goes on and on and on and on, but it's a great way to learn how.

so after 2 months of knitting nothing but LONG rectangles, i stopped knitting.

i took up painting b/c my sister had a baby, and then i stopped that b/c i moved and lost room to paint. and no, i can't paint on the floor b/c i have dogs that shed, and no there isn't anywhere to separate them from being near me.

then i took up jewelry making for a short bit. it's fine and fun, but it's hard to find sterling silver or stainless steel - so i'm waiting until i have enough money to afford going to the jewelry show again to get supplies.

so now it's on to knitting =) i find this much more rewarding so i'm going to be like others who knit and take pictures and post online and stuff...

(this makes me miss having my own website, but hey... what can the poor do ;) ahahha)

so anyway... i'm going to do set this blog up like this...
knitting inventory
knitting wish list
and then everything is by project =) hopefully blogger is easy for setting it up like this...

anyway thanks for looking