Monday, August 15, 2005

003.Elisha's Scarf

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DONE =) washed, blocked, dired, fringed... but she took it w.out me trimming the fringe


so i knitted like a crazy bitch this weekend and went from 9 or 10 stripes to 13!!!! just 2 more rounds of 27 in main color and one more set of stripes and i'll be done!!!!

and yes, i have decided to wash and block!

so that'll be done in time for elisha to take home when she comes over. i'm so excited. my first real knitted project.

and i count this as "real" because 1. i watched a dvd on how to knit so i learned technique 2. i actually understood guage and knitted properly 3. i had to do research on yarn and needle size and binding off techniques, etc...



I added the HP Azkaban Knit Along button =) hehehe... yeah, dorkdom...

Oh and I've taken more pictuers, but my camera is dying and won't stay on long enough so i can xfer the pics to my mac.

but the good knews is that i completed the 8th set of stripes =)!!! only 6 more to go!

okay. for some reason i didn't really envision working on circulars as knitting in a spiral. i guess i thought it was like stacking blocks (stitches) in a circle and then going up one... so like a stacked tower rather than a spiral.

knowing that you knit in a spiral explains the shifts in colors (or stripes) when you knit.

doing some research online i figured out it was called a "joggless jog." (i don't even know how i arrived at finding the title for it... but here's teh website i found most useful

all other times i thought the "pick up stitch directly below" was a m1 move, until i saw they were actually picking up the sucker in the picture ahhahaha...

more pictures of elisha's scarf put on =) yay. i figured at the rate i was knitting i'd finish it in time for christmas. (you need 15 sets of stripes. i was averaging about 1 set/week and i have 3 down... so 3 months from now (15-3 = 12 sets left. 12 sets/4 weeks per month = 3 months).

i have to up my game if i want to finish it... *sigh* my skirt may have to be put on hold...

okay so i redid the prior entry b/c it wasn't helloknitty's fault that i didn't get my yarn, you'll have to read the ordering review to get the story.

but i started my stripes =) not quite sure how to "carry up" the yarn on a circular... i figured it would be the same as a straight needle, but the color i'm carrying up shows through the seam of the color i'm knitting with... so i can see green on the silver stripe and silver on the green stripe. weird huh? oh well, i'll figure it out =)

the colors look nice, i'm excited... it's a very easy "no brain required" knitting project. i can't wait to finish it and send it to her!

i do not have the silve yarn yet - so i'm stuck... not happy, see online ordering reviews...

So I've casted on my 90 stitches, I joined the scarf improperly and didn't realize it until I needed to add a stripe, but that's okay. Technically speaking, it's not proper, but it still works.

What I mean by improperly is that instead of casting on 91 stitches and joining #91 and #1 together or instead of just continuing on the round and really tightening up on the knit, i knitting back into #90, placed my stitch marker, and then continued... so i have to remember this when i'm one or that one stitch will always have on extra... but i don't know if it'll matter or not when i put the fringe on *thinking*

anyway, i'm very proud of my knitting, it's even and smooth, and i've learned to hold my stitches "continental style"... now, if only i could knit w.out looking so i don't miss anything on tv hahahahaa.

the one problem i have is that the cascade 220 yarn is wrapped like a pretzel... basically it's one BIG loop and it's twisted up into itself so make it compact. I'm used to tubes or balls of yarn where you pull an end and knit with that, and the yarn ball/tube unravels from the inside out so everything is need an orderly.

well i have about a 2' loop laying on my couch when i knit being really cautious not to get it tangled... and when i'm done i have to retwist it back on itself... it was when i had come to need a stripe i realized that i should've bought a ball winder (see wish list hahahaha)... but i'll do that later, right now it's still manageable.

i ordered the silver color from and it hasn't shipped yet. i'm kinda upset considering i ordered yarn from last night and it was SHIPPED last night.

oh well ... it's probably good i odn't get obsessed w. my knitting right now - i need to concentrate more on working out =)


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