Monday, August 29, 2005

007.Stripes and Color changes - Jogless Jogs

i thought this was worthy enough of it's own section...

i was a bit worried that if i did this joggless jog on elisha's scarf then she wouldn't be able to find the seam if she washed it... but it's pretty easy to see...
for example

there are 3 rows of silver stripes. notice that there are 2 stitches of silver on the left (they looked liek they're stretched too) and 3 stitches on the right? well, if you were making a seam, then those are your edges. so if you have 5 rows, then you'd have 4 on the left side and 5 on the right.

now, it was hard for me to figure out the "pick up the stitch directly below..." instruction. as i mentioned in my entry about elisha's scarf, i thought it was an m1 move...

but knit stitches go like this (pretend the main color is red and the new stripe is purple. also pretend that your stitch marker is at row 4)
stitch 1 2 3 4
row 1 ^ ^ ^ ^
row 2 ^ ^ ^ ^
row 3 ^ ^ ^ ^

so when you finish the first round of the new color and come back to stitch 4 ... pick up the stitch directly below. this means go to row 2 stitch 4... place it on the needle and knit row 2 stitch 4 together with row 1 stitch 4.

then you knit like normal...

you are NOT picking up the yarn between stitches. you are picking up the stitch from the prior row.

hope this helps.


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