Monday, August 29, 2005

008.Hat Patters, Measurement Charts, Online Conversions

ooh, i found some felting hat patters to buy from kalidescope yarns (

I'll probably felt them with Cascade 220 until I find something better to knit with...

I just have to get Elisha to measure her head now =)

My friend, Dan, asked me to make him a beanie... he offered to get me something in exchange, but he's given me such neat things =) like my own domo doll and a hindinanotami (god how do you spell it?!?!) so him and his big head (24.5 inches) are making it hard for me to find a pattern to accomodate... most patterns don't mention what size head it will for or if the hat stretches...

oh, and i apparently have a large head for an adult woman (22 inches). aaron said it was my hair but it still makes me sad *sniff* most women hat sizes stop at 20 inches.

but here are some resources i've found...

Online Conversions
some of the measurements are in centimeters and others are in inches...

Hat Sizes
from inches to hat size to description
average sizing

How to measure your head
this is also a link to a basic patter, but tells you how to properly measure your head

Customized hat patterns
this was just cool... apparently you just enter your sizes where appropriate and it will generate the answers for you...

here is a list of hat patterns for him and myself =) from

Owen Wilson's hat from Life Aquatic (for me)

The only pattern i found that has his head size ... but it's a nice hat too

This is just really basic for anyone

The only pattern i found that tells you how to precisely achieve the proper hat size

I really like this hat, but it doesn't mention the size
and this one too (for the both of us)

A hat I liked for myself, but again, with no measurements

A hat that i liked for myself or as gifts for girls

okay this just looks cool, but really advanced for me since it's patterns

obviously for a child, but i like it anyway... i need to learn how to cable


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Dee-Eh? said...

Hidamari No Tami! Weeee!!!!