Friday, September 09, 2005

009.Noah's Christmas Gift

so i found a new pattern from "Mac and Me" which i love. View the album to see more pictures and links to the pattern. The great thing about the "Mac and Me" patterns is that all the proceeds go for Mac's college tuition and what not. So you know me, gotta support =) i actually didn't know that until I got home and read the back panel of the pattern.

But it made me feel better for spending $5 on one pattern when i could've spent $4.50 for 3 with the other one... although, the mac and me patterns come with actual photos of the thing... and not just picture inserts i'm talking about a 4x5 taped to the front, non glossy too... so that was really nice.

i'm having a bit of trouble understanding what the fuck some parts of her pattern means, but i figure i can go to an independent study class at stitch dc to ask for help, but i'll be damn proud of it when i'm done!

Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to be making Dan a hat, but while I'm in the middle of looking for a hat pattern that'll fit his head, here's my project for Noah ....

I have to buy the pattern, so i can't link to it, but it'll be purchased from knit happens (the physical store) so i can get 20% off my next purchase... i can get atleast 4 stamps out of the hat and sweater yarn so i'll need 3 more before i can take advantage of that 20% thing...

and yes, i will do the ghetto thing and buy in increments of $15 hahahaa. (see "The Knit Happens Insatiable Knitter Card"

but it's my hope that after knitting this baby sweater i can finally take a crack at the debbie bliss stuff (particularly cathay)

so more to come...


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