Monday, September 12, 2005

013.favorite online websites

company name - url - reason for likes - reason for dislike

kalidescope yarns - - great needle selection (lantern moon rosewood and palm only, brittany birch woods)

hello knitty - - good selection of yarns but yarns only

knit pixie - - great patterns, fast answers to inquiries online, good selection of yarn, great website organization - can not search by yarn categories, only by company

knit happens - - great selection of expensive yarns, okay single purchase patterns - pricey, store front not connected to online store

yarn market - - good for price comparision, usually cheaper prices, good alternative yarn selection

elann - - cheaper needles, good alternative yarn selection, cedar balls!!!

pattern works - - huge yarn selection varying from cheap to expensive, great notion section - great selection for michaels/joann/acmoore type stuff but cheaper


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