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Friday, October 07, 2005

016.Free Patterns for Fingerless Gloves

all links open in a new page =)

The Pictures
To see the images for these patterns, either click the link below, or reference the following photo summary:

The Patterns
001.Mikado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves - mid bicep, 1 cable - up to knuckles, thumb covered - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/mikado-gloves.html

002.Buttoned Up Fingerless Gloves - 1/3 down arm - up to 2nd knuckles, thumb covered - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/mikado-buttonup-gloves.html

003.Voo Doo Wrist Warmers - 1/2 down arm, ribbed - up to knuckles, thumb covered - http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter02/PATTvoodoo.html

004.Wrist Warmer Pattern - 1/3 to 1/2 down arm, cabled around - up to knuckles, thumb exposed - http://wineandneedles.blogspot.com/2004/12/wrist-warmer-pattern.html

005.Web Surfing Mits - 1/2 down arm, ribbed with 1 tiny cable detail - exposed knuckles and thumbs - click for pattern link

006.Someone Stole the Fingers Off My Gloves Gloves - 1/2 down arm, tiny cables around - up to knuckles, exposed thumb - click for pattern link

007.Kid Merino Fingerless Gloves in Rainbow Stripes - 1/3 or 1/2 down arm, ribbed - up to 2nd knuckles, covered thumb - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/KidMerino-fingerless_gloves.html

008.Kim's Sockotta Fingerless Glovers - 1/4 down arm, ribbed and St st - up to 2nd knuckles but INDIVIDUAL FINGERS, thumb covered - http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~kfairchi/fingerless%20gloves.html


ps. here's where i found almost all of them http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/mittens_gloves.php

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

015.General Updates

Oops... i forgot to mention that I was making a hat for my friend Alex. It's in the colors of his fraternity. I used Karabella Aurora 8... which i love, but apparently it pills quickly (according to a knitting review http://www.knittersreview.com/article.asp?article=/review/product/010531_a.asp).

I started the project and finished it in 2 days... it was pretty cool, i used the london beanie pattern from the previous hat post and did some math to figure out how to make it fit his head. I have pictures of it up on my photo website, hopefully i'll be able to give it to him this weekend.

oh, and i hate dpns hahahha - i tried doing dan's hat and just wanted to kill myself, so i gave up and got ciruclars instead =)

unfortunately, it took a while for them to come in, so i started on noah's sweater hoodie. i'm just about done with the back panel piece.

oh and i posted on craig's list looking for knitters and jewelry making companions =) i've gotten a few responses but one of them led to a knitting group =)

oh and there's an event http://www.knit-out.org/ that i want to make elisha go with me to =)

hopefully it won't be too cold!