Thursday, July 27, 2006

banished from work!

okay, so you know how people take a smoke break, like ever 1/2 hour? i decided, since i'm working on salina from rowan vintage knits, to knit here and there.

and by here and there i mean:
-waiting for breakfast or lunch at the deli downstairs
-waiting for the printer or copier to print off 100 pages
-waiting for someone to give me back edits to a document...

well someone told my boss. i won't say someone "snitched" because i wasn't trying to hide it too much...but i have my (normally incorrect) theories on who said what. but again, it doesn't matter.

work is about perception. you look like you're busy if you're surfing online.
You look like you're busy if you walk around with a piece of paper in your hand and grumble to yourself (think george castanza from seinfeld). You look busy if you take a smoke break (at least i think)...

so, this knitter is now no longer allowed to bring knitting to work, yes that's right. it's not enough for me to NOT knit at work, I can't bring my materials with me period. I can't knit on the grounds of the building anywhere...

i know i know. you don't have to tell me.

...sneaking in a pick me up
my knit or die shirt (i know it's backwards, i took the picture in a mirror) and yet another picture of my sock yarn stash (oh dear how i want to nuzzle thee)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

roller coaster, of yarn... roller coaster, woohoo hoo

okay so tell me why i don't plan... okay well i do plan, i had the full intention of buying rowan felted tweed, until i saw the $9/skein (which i need 6 for the sweater + 1 to swatch = $54). Then I found elsebeth lavold's silky wool for $7 (which i bought 6 = $42 w.out tax)... so i eagerly went in search of pictures, and found knitter's review had the same f*ing color! excitement abounds!!! *skipping* so the pictures are up on my knitting album.

anyways, i decide to READ the damn thing and sadness
1. it pills
2. it wears thin

but after talking to red and roomie ..
1. what doesn't pill (wool in general)
2. what doesn't wear thin with use (socks! elbows!)

oh and hilarity factor #2, there are two different vintage knit boosk... one by rowan (the one i'm talking about) and one by sarah dallas

hilarity factor #2, i actually want the sarah dallas book! but i didn't get it, i got the rowan one instead... so where we are talking about different patterns, different books, trying really hard to have a conversation about completely unmatching ... well everything!

---- original post ----

okay - so i'm trying to get a picture to post, but it's not working for some reason...

anyway, i went out and, on a lark, bought elsebeth lavold's silky wool - 6 skiens...(lord say it's enough) for the salina from vintage knits by rowan (see side bar for knitting photo album)

so, in thinking of red, who called me from a knitting store yesterday... my yarn-er in crime... i thought of this song as i impatiently waited for the yarn to post!

Adapted Chorus from Nelly Furtado's Man-Eater.... SING WITH ME NOW!!!!

Yarn-eater, make you feel yarn
Make you want yarn
Make you spend all for yarn

She's a yarn-eater,
make you buy yarn
make you knit yarn
Make you want to buy somemore

She's a yarn-eater, make you knit hard
Make you purl hard
Make you want to knit to guage

She's a yarn-eater
Make you feel yarn
Make you want yarn
Make you spend all for yarn

Wish you never ever met her at all!


Monday, July 24, 2006

quizilla - what color are you?

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Friday, July 21, 2006

pick me up...

take 2: red had good advice when she said, "you shoudlnt' post when you're upset." i had about 12 items on the crappy day listed, but cut it down to 5...

*sigh* i think i should sleep... anyway, here's the new post


okay, today was a pretty crappy day at work... on a personal note

1. i have a butt load of homework and a posting the professor wrote made me realize that paper i was brainstorming in my ehad was completely wrong

2. i found out my "art-ner" in crime is moving back home... to a land very very far away

3. i found out that my red's happy hour was today (well i should say i was reminded) and i couldn't go (b/c of work and school)

4. did i mention i have a paper to write?

5. cancelling brunch with old floormate because of working on sunday

so, i needed a little pick me up. i had mentioned fiber therapy (why did this one person think i was talking metamucil type of fiber when this person knows i knit?!??!?!)

when i got home i was greeted with my sockaholic purchase... and how cute is it that red's yarn was wrapped in plastic together and mine was wrapped in a separate bundle? it's like these yarns (FIBERS) were destined to be with us!

so here's my yarn stash... YES i know it's a grainy picture, but i put a protector on my camera phone lense - and it just so happens i put my fingers all over the sucker!... so yeah, protective cover + finger prints = grainy pictures but it makes ME happy and that's all that matters!

3 from fearlessfiber @ etsy
2 from celia @ etsy
2 from brooklynhandpunyarnsales @ blogspot
1 from g from nova knit wits
1 from two loops @ etsy / 1 from sunshine yarns @ etsy = can't tell which one is from which bc the colors are similar, but one of them is buried in the pile


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

and there's another one...

what is this chaos you say??? what is this skull and crossbones? no it's not pirates of the caribbean part 3 where knitters are pirates and fight with needles instead of swords...

it's a tshirt - yes that's right...

i gave in... bought the tshirt. it's from american apparel so i know i'll defintely fit in a small... because that's what my shirts on threadless are made from.

so there's another $16.50 (12 + shipping) down the knitting black hole... but, if i get this shirt in soon, maybe i can wear it friday at work? or sunday when i visit my old floor mate for brunch?

so what's next you say? what else am i going to drop money on? please, please, don't overwhelm me right now. i can't take the pressure.

it doesn't help that fellow gemini red is searching scouring ebay for alpaca or alpaca blends...


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

stop the insanity

omg omg omg there's so much i want to buy.... and bought....

okay, with what i bought...

say hello to sockaholic from fearless fiber @ etsy.... if you consider it the points of a star starting from the top it goes: me, red, me, me, red... yes, that's right, us yarn addicted folks have bought a bundle of sock yarn and split it. it should be here in two to three days... yes that's right, two to three days! excitement abounds...

this gem i found because red got a shirt (you'll be below) that was pretty i went looking and found this! i'm pretty much leaning towards the pink/black combo, but waiting to see the sizing measurements - etsy as well for 12

so this is a shirt similar to the one that red has (hers is blue t with green letter)... but i wrote in asking if this chick has any smalls. she has l and xl and i'm definately not that large! - another etsy buy for 20

this is a purse that's just gorgeous and i want it! hahahahha =) this is, of course, at etsy! it's 28, so i want to buy it.... but

i'm having brunch on sunday with ben at - i haven't seen him in forever, so i should probably save money... but i really really want these *tears*

help! someone tell me what to do! the last 3 items would be 60... but i dont' get paid until the end of the month! ugh... food v. knitting! what's a girl to do?!?!?


TMB hat success

so, TMB love the hat! It's great and it's soft! TMB parent will be providing a picture of TMB in the hat soon...

which reminds me, i owe red pictures of gold strips... oi - since when did i become such a "yeah i'll get to it" type of person?

i have money and tempted to buy the sizzle i have money, but should i spend it? i guess i should knit a swatch with the yarn i have at home to see if it'll even work for the pattern...

how can i possibly think of other patterns when i've got like 5 projects needing completion?

oh and tell me WHY my roommate noticed that i only knit one sock and not the other? do i have a bunch of one sockers hanging around the house or something? maybe i'll make a clothes line hanging from my office ceiling (since the vents are on the floor) and hang all my socks so i don't loose them... all my single socks... *tears


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ek gag!

or is it eek gad?

well whatever it is...
biking has been a challenge,
school has been a challenge
red just makes it all interesting with mitten designs when i'm in the middle of work =)

but, i felt like i was spinning out of control, but then I caught up on posting for school. now i have to read.

i'm on a mission to complete my paper asap so I can go to a party this saturday with my roomie and old floor mate.

but red, thank you.. thank you for helping me feel less insane!

oh, on the knitting update - orangina front has finished! the back portion can now begin!


Monday, July 10, 2006

my political view test results

okay - i have NO idea what any of this means, but my roommate says i'm evil ahahahahhaha gotta love these online tests they're so scientific *eye roll

oh the page said this about centrists "You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness. "

You are a

Social Liberal
(61% permissive)

and an...

Economic Moderate
(41% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Sunday, July 09, 2006

quick post


h a t e



Saturday, July 08, 2006

knitting desires

it always happens that you desire things when you don't have money or just can't have them... well, here's my desire list...

<< this my friends, is the shell bag by lantern moon. it's for purchase at yarnmarket for $28.85

<< now this is another lantern moon beauty. it's called maya. and this is for pruchase at jimmybean's wool for $22

this gem is from all things heather, for purchase at kpixie for $21. it's knitted on size US3-5 and is what i like to call "speedy sock yarn" >>

<< this is from yarn botanica, pretty isn't it? it's got pretty neutral colors, but it's fingering... i'm very tempted to do socks with thicker yarn. but this is available at kpixie as well for $21

there are also a few bags from etsy that i like. the designer's name is angela liu - here are the links olive sakura tote for $75 and the matching wristlet for $27

yeah i know it's all so fucking expensive *sigh* but yeah... i want hehehehe