Friday, July 21, 2006

pick me up...

take 2: red had good advice when she said, "you shoudlnt' post when you're upset." i had about 12 items on the crappy day listed, but cut it down to 5...

*sigh* i think i should sleep... anyway, here's the new post


okay, today was a pretty crappy day at work... on a personal note

1. i have a butt load of homework and a posting the professor wrote made me realize that paper i was brainstorming in my ehad was completely wrong

2. i found out my "art-ner" in crime is moving back home... to a land very very far away

3. i found out that my red's happy hour was today (well i should say i was reminded) and i couldn't go (b/c of work and school)

4. did i mention i have a paper to write?

5. cancelling brunch with old floormate because of working on sunday

so, i needed a little pick me up. i had mentioned fiber therapy (why did this one person think i was talking metamucil type of fiber when this person knows i knit?!??!?!)

when i got home i was greeted with my sockaholic purchase... and how cute is it that red's yarn was wrapped in plastic together and mine was wrapped in a separate bundle? it's like these yarns (FIBERS) were destined to be with us!

so here's my yarn stash... YES i know it's a grainy picture, but i put a protector on my camera phone lense - and it just so happens i put my fingers all over the sucker!... so yeah, protective cover + finger prints = grainy pictures but it makes ME happy and that's all that matters!

3 from fearlessfiber @ etsy
2 from celia @ etsy
2 from brooklynhandpunyarnsales @ blogspot
1 from g from nova knit wits
1 from two loops @ etsy / 1 from sunshine yarns @ etsy = can't tell which one is from which bc the colors are similar, but one of them is buried in the pile


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