Thursday, July 27, 2006

banished from work!

okay, so you know how people take a smoke break, like ever 1/2 hour? i decided, since i'm working on salina from rowan vintage knits, to knit here and there.

and by here and there i mean:
-waiting for breakfast or lunch at the deli downstairs
-waiting for the printer or copier to print off 100 pages
-waiting for someone to give me back edits to a document...

well someone told my boss. i won't say someone "snitched" because i wasn't trying to hide it too much...but i have my (normally incorrect) theories on who said what. but again, it doesn't matter.

work is about perception. you look like you're busy if you're surfing online.
You look like you're busy if you walk around with a piece of paper in your hand and grumble to yourself (think george castanza from seinfeld). You look busy if you take a smoke break (at least i think)...

so, this knitter is now no longer allowed to bring knitting to work, yes that's right. it's not enough for me to NOT knit at work, I can't bring my materials with me period. I can't knit on the grounds of the building anywhere...

i know i know. you don't have to tell me.

...sneaking in a pick me up
my knit or die shirt (i know it's backwards, i took the picture in a mirror) and yet another picture of my sock yarn stash (oh dear how i want to nuzzle thee)

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