Thursday, August 03, 2006

not again

yes... i was week, i bought it. the largest disc is 1/2" in diameter.

---original post---

oh lord help me, i want go to shopping...

$26 for ring around the moon
$28 for silk wristlet
$32 for (knitting)bag

not including shipping for any of these items (3 + 2 + 6 respectively)= $96 FREAKING bucks...

DUDE... what's wrong with me?

i even get all sentimental/spiritual when i think about them... for example, the ring, i think "it's a symbol of continuity and self focus..." for the purse it's like a mission... why why why do i do that?

oh... and thank goodness for red's internet =) i makes me feel much better.


1 comment:

Red said...

I love you and your lack of will power to pretty shiny things.