Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sock operation

so this is the story of my soc operation

   here we have the realization that i fucked up somewhere. so i unravelled the stitches between the YO, k2tog that i messed up on

   now comes the other realization that knitting on the same size needles was going to be very hard...

   and here i switched to size 0 because it was easier to work with. i do have a ladder, but hey, at least it's better than breaking the yarn b/c the sucker's so tight.

   and here we are close to the conclusion of the operation

now i must say the following:
1. the lighting sucks
2. the suck operation is SO MUCH BETTER than unravelling the sucker... USE SMALLER NEEDLES
3. heaven help you if you're doing a complicated lace pattern
4. i'm very close to actually purchasing a url...


1 comment:

Red said...

I started my Dad's socks and I am unbelievably paranoid that I will have knit socks that in no way can fit Daddy. I had a nightmare where they tortured me. This might be a long trek to Xmas.