Saturday, August 12, 2006

knitting socks

i realized that i knot on circulars backwards... i didn't realize there was such a thing, but i discovered it when i went to lunch with red...

we both whipped out our socks and BAM... she was knitting with teh beginning closest to her, and i was knitting with the beginning furthest from me...

i didn't realize how much of a problem this was going to be. i've always knitting plain stockinette and lace as oppsoed to something that looks very different from the inside out.


every time my pattern said knit, i had to purl. and DONT even get me started on the kitcher/graffting stick. that was a monstrocity. it basically looks the way it needs to ON THE INSIDE.

so yeah.

but the sock is done. i probably should block it a bit so it doesn't feel so cramped up in to toes?

so now... which sock to finish, jeanne's lace sock, or starting the 2nd one?

i'll probably finish jeanne's sock and give it to her when i see her on break (from school)???

oh yeah... and about hte hostility, i'm ready to be over it. it's really draining and just not good. red, thank you for your patience. i love you for it.


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Red said...

It is all good baby. I'm glad I can help. I do have to say I thought the backwards knitting was crazy.