Friday, August 18, 2006

executive decision...

okay... so i had a dream about yarn last night... okay yarn and patterns, i know i know, to a non knitter i'd sound crazy, but i swear i'm not.

anyway. the dream went like this.
orangina in takhai stacey charles' cotton classic ... RIP IT ... use it for knit and tonic's sizzle pattern
the ggh scarlett in wine that was ripped from a ribbed skirt from knitty ... USE IT ... for orangina

so i get into work, yeah i know i shouldn't have, i'll stay an extra hour today... and went straight to yarndex. i wrote out the yard/ball, stitches/4 inches, the total yardage i have in my stash/yarn type, the total yardage needed/pattern, and the stitches/4 inches for each pattern.

1. i have more than enough cotton classic for the sizzle (but i'm going to double check that)

2. i don't have enough scarlett for the orangina. i'm 76 yards short. since i like longer shirts, this isn't going to work. i'm going to have to get 2 new balls and pray that the colors are close enough. (i've already been burned by blue sky alpaca w. the same color number but VERY VERY different dye lot - but that's another story!)

3. i could forget the orangina... but only temporarily! and use the scarlett for a hat pattern that i bought from - although it's cotton, so how much give is there in that??? maybe i could do an odessa too... and give those away for christmas?


oh here's number 4.... i could make some dk weighted socks =) HAHAHAHHA

yeah, thoughts please?


oh yeah... and my photoalbum is about to drop me unless i order a print for my picture or buy membership. i have 4 freaking days... so, i'm hitting up my best friend, tim, to come save the day. *crosses fingers*

that's over 500 pictures and links that'll be lost! this weekend is going to be busy for me trying to salvage all of this stuff.

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