Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a new method of socks

i know i need to post pictures, I'll get to it... but i started to do a toe up sock pattern ! it look me about 3 different yarns and multiple times of ripping and swatching to figure out just what i wanted... but here it is disected..

pattern: first seen on grumperina, original pattern from craftoholic with math from universal toe up pattern from knitty
yarn: fearlessfibers.etsy.com, 100% merino wool in wisteria
needles: US 2 set of 5 dpns from skyrider
toe up method: figure 8 toe from knitty

1. toe up was not short row wrap
2. toe length was probably 2-3" long. i have long toes and since the pattern is somewhat lace, i wanted a good majority of the toes covered.
3. probably the heel will be a yo as opposed to a wrap. (see side bar)

thoughts about the new method - damn that's fast! and i LOVE how you can try them on. toe up sock and top down tops - gotta love them.

ps. all references to how-to's are located in the side bar under references. pictures to come soon!


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Red said...

I LOVE that wisteria color. Good choice!