Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the knitter shall see

so, i'm assuming i've developed a really bad bad case of allergies. my eyes and nose are really dry. i can't wear contacts anymore and i can't breathe easily through my nose anymore. The latter has affected me and i've started breathing through my mouth even mroe, which has caused my throat to dry.

notice the trend here is DRY.

unfortunately, since i can not wear contacts anymore (good bye colored lenses that i wanted to try) i have to wear glasses full time. no, o2optix did not work. my eyes were blood shot w.in 30 minutes of wearing and yes, i put in rewetting drops ever 5 minutes.

and i can't get laser eye surgery b/c my eye sight hasn't stabled. so, glasses and perscription sunglasses.

this was purchased with polarized dark grey lenses. at first i was worried that the brown wouldn't go well with the dark gary, but the frames really are much darker than this image shows. the frames are a bit larger, but i like that in sunglasses. unfortuantely, because the lenses are polarized, they can't be thinned, so i'll look bug-eyed. hopefully the dark color of the lenses will counter act that.

yes, i realize that these are my current frames - but they're nice. i was hoping to find something green or blue, but why spend money on another frame? okay so it's mainly because i couldn't find something i like, but these are a nice pair. besides, i need to save money for more important things like my girls, christmas, and of course, yarn =) (notice i didn't say knitting supplies but specifically yarn).

i know, these aren't yarn pictures, but i'm at work. my camera battery is dying, so it may not survive the xfer, and i've just been too lazy to complete anything...

but i will leave you with this teaser, i completed a pair of socks. no only that, but i finished one sock in one day! amazing! i knwo i know... i'm working on finishing the bed socks again.



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