Saturday, August 19, 2006

in the words of greg the bunny's count

a'ighit blah!

yes yes... so you wanna know why?

well, i f*ed up my salina... i did not swatch. i went to my lys and even the cashier was like "so you learned your lesson huh?" /me pouts

i also had to purchase (yes, i was forced to buy) more yarn because my swatch skien + tax did not equal $10. so, i bought sock yarn from cherry tree hill - dude talk about some tiny guage... i mean, they really mean fingering. but, it's a very nice soft yarn although not a subtle solid.

i personally prefer a thicker sock yarns, but everyone who handpaints is doing superwash... the fates are against me /me pouts again

so, i unravelled a new sock i'm trying (yes i know, my 3rd incomplete sock set) to use it on the cherry tree hill's burgundy superwash. (the sock is a SOMEWHAT lace patter and the varigrated yarn was detracting from the simple lace - too much going on).

so yeah... that sucked.

i'm thinking i'm going to move to the "speed demon" sized yarn (term from sweet georgia yarns) from now on... now, what to do with the 12 billion handpainteds i have... oh yeah, i should knit them /me rolls eyes

yeah i'm tired, i'm grumpy and instead of knitting like a maniac my first break from school - i'm ripping...

the salina
the orangina (wow that rhymed)
the new sock

and lord help me NOT to rip the cowl neck sweater i started 2 years ago...i'll just probably change that to dpns and take them off the circulars...

*deep breath*

this is going to be a short break filled with ripping...


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