Tuesday, August 15, 2006

lorna's laces

okay, usually a substitute yarn means a few things
1. there's more yarn per the money meaning
2. it's cheaper or
3. you already have a stash
4. your picking a different material (so maybe up in price)

well meet chocolate from lorna's laces. it's 200 yards per skien at approximately $10/skien. 100% SUPERWASH wool with 6 sts/in (24sts/4 in).

I wrote kpixie asking if they do special order and offer discounts for bulk orders, i had to ask! i'm going to be buying 1600 yards, so that's pretty bulky =).

anyway, i saw this website which has a better color card since the pictures are much larger than lorna's website. so yeah... there are other colors i may consider... but, damnit, it's so expensive.

yes yes i know, stop looking for yarn.

references: yarn image is taken from yarn-store.com


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