Tuesday, July 25, 2006

roller coaster, of yarn... roller coaster, woohoo hoo

okay so tell me why i don't plan... okay well i do plan, i had the full intention of buying rowan felted tweed, until i saw the $9/skein (which i need 6 for the sweater + 1 to swatch = $54). Then I found elsebeth lavold's silky wool for $7 (which i bought 6 = $42 w.out tax)... so i eagerly went in search of pictures, and found knitter's review had the same f*ing color! excitement abounds!!! *skipping* so the pictures are up on my knitting album.

anyways, i decide to READ the damn thing and sadness
1. it pills
2. it wears thin

but after talking to red and roomie ..
1. what doesn't pill (wool in general)
2. what doesn't wear thin with use (socks! elbows!)

oh and hilarity factor #2, there are two different vintage knit boosk... one by rowan (the one i'm talking about) and one by sarah dallas

hilarity factor #2, i actually want the sarah dallas book! but i didn't get it, i got the rowan one instead... so where we are talking about different patterns, different books, trying really hard to have a conversation about completely unmatching ... well everything!

---- original post ----

okay - so i'm trying to get a picture to post, but it's not working for some reason...

anyway, i went out and, on a lark, bought elsebeth lavold's silky wool - 6 skiens...(lord say it's enough) for the salina from vintage knits by rowan (see side bar for knitting photo album)

so, in thinking of red, who called me from a knitting store yesterday... my yarn-er in crime... i thought of this song as i impatiently waited for the yarn to post!

Adapted Chorus from Nelly Furtado's Man-Eater.... SING WITH ME NOW!!!!

Yarn-eater, make you feel yarn
Make you want yarn
Make you spend all for yarn

She's a yarn-eater,
make you buy yarn
make you knit yarn
Make you want to buy somemore

She's a yarn-eater, make you knit hard
Make you purl hard
Make you want to knit to guage

She's a yarn-eater
Make you feel yarn
Make you want yarn
Make you spend all for yarn

Wish you never ever met her at all!


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Red said...

How funny was that with me going around B&N and trying to find the book I was thinking of and only seeing the book YOU were talking about. We are nuts!