Tuesday, July 18, 2006

TMB hat success

so, TMB love the hat! It's great and it's soft! TMB parent will be providing a picture of TMB in the hat soon...

which reminds me, i owe red pictures of gold strips... oi - since when did i become such a "yeah i'll get to it" type of person?

i have money and tempted to buy the sizzle i have money, but should i spend it? i guess i should knit a swatch with the yarn i have at home to see if it'll even work for the pattern...

how can i possibly think of other patterns when i've got like 5 projects needing completion?

oh and tell me WHY my roommate noticed that i only knit one sock and not the other? do i have a bunch of one sockers hanging around the house or something? maybe i'll make a clothes line hanging from my office ceiling (since the vents are on the floor) and hang all my socks so i don't loose them... all my single socks... *tears


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