Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ek gag!

or is it eek gad?

well whatever it is...
biking has been a challenge,
school has been a challenge
red just makes it all interesting with mitten designs when i'm in the middle of work =)

but, i felt like i was spinning out of control, but then I caught up on posting for school. now i have to read.

i'm on a mission to complete my paper asap so I can go to a party this saturday with my roomie and old floor mate.

but red, thank you.. thank you for helping me feel less insane!

oh, on the knitting update - orangina front has finished! the back portion can now begin!



Red said...

Okay, now I'm thinking about the Amethyst or the deep water looking blue. Because sometimes black looks hotter with a little innocent looking color.

I am insane. Thanks for getting it.

Red said...

I think it's Egad! I'm not sure there's a k involved. Not that you can't create one, just if you are trying to be british.