Tuesday, July 18, 2006

stop the insanity

omg omg omg there's so much i want to buy.... and bought....

okay, with what i bought...

say hello to sockaholic from fearless fiber @ etsy.... if you consider it the points of a star starting from the top it goes: me, red, me, me, red... yes, that's right, us yarn addicted folks have bought a bundle of sock yarn and split it. it should be here in two to three days... yes that's right, two to three days! excitement abounds...

this gem i found because red got a shirt (you'll be below) that was pretty hot...so i went looking and found this! i'm pretty much leaning towards the pink/black combo, but waiting to see the sizing measurements - etsy as well for 12

so this is a shirt similar to the one that red has (hers is blue t with green letter)... but i wrote in asking if this chick has any smalls. she has l and xl and i'm definately not that large! - another etsy buy for 20

this is a purse that's just gorgeous and i want it! hahahahha =) this is, of course, at etsy! it's 28, so i want to buy it.... but

i'm having brunch on sunday with ben at http://www.taqueriapoblano.com/menu.html - i haven't seen him in forever, so i should probably save money... but i really really want these *tears*

help! someone tell me what to do! the last 3 items would be 60... but i dont' get paid until the end of the month! ugh... food v. knitting! what's a girl to do?!?!?


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Red said...

And I really didn't need to buy sock yarn. But since I want to be part of Sock Pal 9 then I'll count it as my pre-planning!