Sunday, August 14, 2005

002.Knitting Inventory

so here's a list of stuff i own or have ordered -

i started off with silvalume needles b/c i thought "ooh metal, slicker, faster" but have found out that bamboo or wooden is supposed to be better b/c it's lighter in your hands and easier on your wrists. And I find that true. the 14" straight needles are so big for me to work with, and i haven't knit anything that required that width, so most of the time, the end of the left needle is sitting in my lap and i work my needles in a perpendicular rather than a crossing, like you see most people do it.

i have pretty much used everything except for the cable needle b/c that's something i just couldn't teach myself to use. i'm hoping that's new knitting dvd will have someting about it.

by the way, that dvd on yarnbag.comis the best dvd. i have other "how to" books or cd and that's the best one i've found. and i hate referring to things, but i love this and would buy it for my friend, except i don't have money right now...

oh, and i love circulars. the more i learn about knitting, the more i find people fancy circular needles... which i understand it for the working with tube like things (socks, thick scarves, sweaters, bags, etc) but have come to appreciate having your two needles attached. you don't lose your other needle in the couch cushions or on the floor! it really is the same technique when you think about it... you knit from left to right... and instead of going around in a circle, switch hands like you would straight needles and do it again. i think i'm going to invest in circulars from now on...


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