Friday, August 19, 2005

005.Skating Queen Skirt

Photo Journal:

so i tried to knit like a bitch on the first panel of stitches (the 6" pleated section) but i failed. US Sz4 needles are really small.

but i have to put this aside so i can knit the stuff by request for my friends...aka dan's hat and noah's sweatshirt hoodie.

i think most of this "holding" comes from the fact that i read the waist measurements... but my hips are about 3 sizes larger than my waist (damn you ass)... but we'll see!

*tears* so i misread the pattern instructions, and after the "k2tog, yo, k1, yo k2tog" i KEPT DOING IT *sniff* when i was supposed to ST st (stocinette stitch) after doing the yo part for one row.... so i had to unravel it... but it's different from unravelling on a straight needle because you have to move everything onto the new needle and htey're connected... so it's "move on stitch, move all the work, move one stitch" and for 165 stitches with 1/2", that's a long time... so i unravelled it thinking i could just insert the needle again. then i realized i can't do that b/c the stitch marker is off so i don't know where i started and then it became this huge mess. i had about 120 yards of unwound egyptian cotton. i tried handrolling it using one of the websites i previously posted, but that didn't work well *sniff*

but i managed to work it out. i made a loop of yarn and have a glass in the center to help me keep it from tangling. i also relaxed my cast-on stitches and so when i work in the round, i'm not tugging on it. it's a bit loose, but i'm trying to tighten it all up prior to starting the pleats!

I love ordering from You'll have to see my knitting ordering review section...

But I love the egyptian cotton =) It was fucking hard to cast on b/c it's so soft and fine that instead of having a 5 wound strands on the needle, it ende dup looking like 5 tiny strands side by side... but it's uber soft. Picks up lint (from soft blankets or doghair) like a bitch though... and sometimes wheny ou try to pull it out it just ends up breaking.

I've done part 1, which was knitting the 1.5" of the back of the drawstring area. I need to take a picture and put it up online.

The color is gorgeous, the material is so soft and it's machine washable and dryable. Can it get any better than that?


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