Tuesday, June 05, 2007

heaven help me

okay...so here i am at work...killing time while waiting for the printer and i check out ravelry.

so i go looking, start reading about the very upset knitter and decide to take a look at the screen shots. i must say i'm very impressed.

me, being the obsessive person that i am...started looking at the names of all the patterns. needless to say i ended up with 3 new sock patterns, and again, have fallen in love with "a step above." here it is on ravelry here it is on the knitting universe website.

so yes, i bought the back ordered issue. unfortunately, there wasn't much else that was good in this issue...but hey sock patterns normally cost around $5-8 bucks...so a whole magazine at $7.50 with free shipping wasn't bad.

ps. if you're going to buy the magazine, DO NOT use firefox.

pps. (or is it pss???) i'm going to be using the lorna's laces bucks bar i bought a while ago =)


Red said...

You might need a 12 step program for that compulsive sock habit.

Marin said...

Don't listen to Red, precious. I fully support your compulsive sock habit.