Monday, June 04, 2007

because i grew up in a bi-lingual household...maybe??

okay so roommate always makes fun of me for getting sayings wrong...

and i was thinking of posting something like
"operation 'go behind the red's back' is successful" and then realized that "go behind so and so's back" is a bad thing. so the story on that is...the anti m (see the sidebar for link) and i got red (see the side bar please) a birthday present. yes, we went all incognito like and came up with plans on what to get the red.

we ended up getting her a swift and merion/silk roving.

now mistake #2...
i was knitting the worsted weight green yarn for the roommate and decided i would call the colorway "barely penetrated green" and realized that "penetrated" could (and probably does) have some bad/naughty connotations. but the word is very descriptive. the yarn wasn't colored all the way through because i didn't use enough die for the weight. 1/4 teaspoon measurements are good for fingering weight yarn, but not worsted! even though i did do my non-patented "add more dye during the dyeing process" moves.

but in both cases...oh well. the green isn't to my liking, but the roommate likes it. reminds him of moss or something???

but wrists hurt from marathon knitting.

i finished the embossed leaves pattern, but the socks are 1/2" too short b/c i made 6 pattern repeats instead of 7.

ps. links to come b/c i'm just lazy. can you blame me???
ps. pictures to come


Marin said...

1) We did go behind Red's back, but in a good way.

2) I think penetrated is a fine word that should be used more often in casual conversation strictly BECAUSE it's slightly dirty. Then again, I am a pervert. You may hold yourself to higher standards.

But, see? No mistakes.

Red said...

The dress is White House Black Market. They have some of the best party dresses. You and Marin get my vote as best spies. Very Sneaky.