Thursday, June 07, 2007

call me "the sock wh*re"

okay rather than make ANOTHER posts about socks... i just added a bunch of patterns i like under wish list...

so i guess this was sort of another post, but i modified and old one b/c eca's crafty like that ;)

--- original post---
okay don't do that but still...maybe red was right about eca's sock obession?

Why you ask?
it all started with me stumbling across this picture from this site

to which eca found
site 1
site 2
and site 3

and fell in love with these pictures from site 3

after much scouring of the internet, eca discovered she can't read german and had the roommate's exroomate read sites for her ... bc he's german and can read and speak german...and read and speak english too

so anyway...eca scours internet to find this book is out of print...AND used copies are running anywhere from 200-400 DOLLARS ... yes...

eca put a bid on ebay...but we shall see how much eca is willing to pay for such book...socks are pretty aren't they?


Red said...

OMG are you crazy! You hardly get to knit as it is. Repent!

Love you or me, as the case may be

Marin said...

o m g

I was somewhere today with the Fancy Feet book and I flipped through it and thought it was really cool but got a different book instead and I was just going to recommend Fancy Feet to you and went to look it up to send you a link or something and it's out of print and running about $75 and I feel I have to go back and buy it now since it's available at such a reasonable (read: normal) price...