Monday, December 18, 2006

camera crisis

okay, it's official. i've done lost my camera. yes, baby pictuers, puppy pictures, knitting pictures and all.

last time i saw i was *thinks* when my sister came home from the hospital, so around thanksgiving. it's almost been a month and i can't find it. but, i did find the freaking charger and the usb cable...

i'm hoping that i find it soon, but if anyone wants to donate to the "eca needs a camera" there's a lovely camera that's pretty cheapy AND donates a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer =) Fuji's Z3 in "breast cancer awarness pink" at best buy for $200...

yes i know "but eca, that's a lot of sock yarn i could buy with that... shoot, that's a lot of yarn period... that's like, 2 or 3 sweaters right there!"

my sister tells me to keep looking. my wallet tells me to keep looking and find my old 2mp camera

but we'll see.

oh, making awesome progress on the camisa. it's super quick! really super quick. i just hope alpaca doesn't drape. i was reading the swatching/blocking instructions off of and that thing said to hang the swatch with a DPN threaded through it for weight, and check it again in a day or two.. .MAN! Why does swatching take forever!??!?! so yeah, i skipped the hanging processes, but i did wash it!

now i'm worried my fat gut won't fit into the damn thing! oh well. we shall see! i'm hoping to wear it for new years... wouldn't that be cool?

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