Monday, October 23, 2006

oh dear - where have my jaywalkers gone

okay so my whole thing about knitting the top 1/2 of the sock in the varigrated and the bottom in solid...

well it was a nice though, but it won't work.
1. a sock is knit in the round so i'd have to cut the yarn after every row to reattach it
2. the sock is knit in the round so i'd have to knit 1/2 of the foot in varigated and the other 1/2 in solid


and started the RPM pattern from knitty

it's a very lovely pattern - my first purls are loose while the 2nd and 3rd are tight.. so i have to adjust my guage or use a larger needle if it's to fit my friend.

but another unfortunate thing - the color pools a bit... but that's okay... it's a risk taken. and i'm not about to start another one!

so yes... pics to come later...2.5 of the 6 repeats for pattern rounds completed. so hopefully this will be a fast knit! i may have to go up a needles size to make it loser but it does have negativ ease!

anyways - picks to come.


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