Saturday, October 14, 2006

picture pages

okay - so here are pictures of some progress i've been making

first up is this lovely brown sheep company's wildfoote luxury sock yarn in color sy09 mums. this is one of the 3 colors that the roomie purchased for me while on vacation with his family. it's machine washable, but it says something about vinegar???

next we have a close up of the pattern. it's the yo cable from "sensational knitted socks," a lovely book. it's cast on 16 in figure 8, increase until 15 stitches per each needle. use four US2 needles. I'm using susan bates.

now the jaywalkers!

isn't it pretty? well i ran into a bit of a problem... i'm running out of yarn. the pattern calls for a 465oz skein, and i'm using a 440. on top of that i'm doing the "bigger" jaywalker pattern, so i'm going to assume that's going to take up more yarn.

solution: knit the heel, the gusset (that arch part), the bottom of the foot (and if i'm really running out, the toe) in a solid complimentary color. i was hoping to bring out the green, but it looks like i should do a blue or purple. exciting huh? hopefully it doesn't look like ass b/c that would really suck.

anyways, hope you enjoyed!


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