Friday, September 29, 2006

green gable blocked

so ummmm. yes... the blocking made the shit bigger... so i'm trying to block it small, is there such a thing?

it's lose it's yellow, and the bottom is really tight (they're not kidding when they say bind off loosely!

now i'm wondering, why something 14" across (comes out to be 28") is a good 2" loose on me???

I mean, i'm not getting SMALLER!

oh, the pants are like a men's large or something - so that's why it's clumpy around the bottom. i'm guessing i'll need to wear a camisole underneath b/c it's showing my white bra (but maybe a nude color bra will save it?)

i am blocking it 14" and going to re-steam and hope it shrinks...but yeah...

oh, and i'm blocking the 3rd swatch for the salina and the size in one swatch in the round that red told me about.

it would've been smart if i did 2 purl stitches at the end and the beginning of each needle so i could tell where the divide was =P oh well...

still not to sure if i'm happy about this sweater or not, don't let the smile fool you.



Red said...

I like it! Okay, so it's a bit big. I'm thinking about waiting for my green gable until March when I want color and summer knitting! I think I'm going to do a Rowan Pattern with my Maple Sugar Handspun

Harvey said...

I think i see a "Limited" tag in the first photo...