Tuesday, September 05, 2006

xmas shopping

okay, so i've been wondering what i'm going to do for people for xmas. as i stated before, there seems to be a big thing against receiving knitted socks.

so, i've started xmas shopping. when i see things that instantly remind me of certain people, i buy. yes i know it's early. and yes, i know i have an issue with giving gifts WAY early because I can't handle surprises... but oh well =)

that's how eca rolls beyotch!
/me giggles

the only problem is that i have absolutely no clue what i'm going to get family for christmas. i know what to get everyone else in the world, but not my family. how sad is that.


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Red said...

Yeah, I never know what to get my sister. I usually get her a Target Gift Card. That's about as cop out as you can get!

Mitten judging announced on Saturday!