Wednesday, September 06, 2006

new yarn

okay so i caved... well here's the story, well multipile stories. i've been on a hunt for teal/turquoise sock yarn, subtle solid. i've also stumbled across a seller (kbrece) in my ebay favorites that i didn't realize was there.

so i've been looking, found a colorway that i liked. I lost the bid even though i was frantically watching it every 2 seconds.

so yesterday, a new set of yarns ends around 520pm, which is when im driving home on my way to work.

so i bid $18 max on 2 yarns... figuring that 1 (the blue/green blend on the right) i was going to lose. the max bid was at 13.50 and i won it by 2 bucks... so i really didn't expect to win, i thought whoever was watching was going to out bid me and go for $20 or something.

the other bid, the blend of green, black, and blue was the one i initially wanted. so i figured, if i bid on both, then at least i should win one thing.

well i got 2 ahahhahah. so say hello to

purple green & deep blue green black

they are 440 yards of fingering weight 100% merino wool =)
shipping is $4.05 for up to 4 skiens, and both skiens were $15.50

so now we'll see how jacked up the colorways are (if they're confused varigrated or really varigrated) and if we'll make them as gifting socks.

reference: images taken from the auction pages of each individual yarn. please go to if you wanna shop!


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