Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the jaywalker grows

so as far as christmas shopping is concerned, i have a lot of people's items done except, well mostly my family.

these are my friend's sock. it's about 2" above the ankle right now, i was debating on whether or not to do any reduction for a slimmer fit aroudn the ankles, but i had to remind myself that these are not for me, they're for someone less. Maybe i can block the upper part to make it a little looser. she is taller than me...

i have started swatching the tulip for my mom. i tried the "loosely loop" method and that was just a crock of shit...

i was worried that if i swatched on my bamboo dpns, the guage would also be off b/c i'm planning on kitting it with my denise set. but, i gave in and did it red's way... where you use 3 different DPNS (in my case US 6, 7, and 8) and swatch each side.

The pattern is for 20sts/4" and the yarn gives 23sts/4" but i'm wondering how much the yarn will relax after bathing. I'm hoping that the US6 will work.

oh and i made the mistake of thinking, if i want less stitches go smaller HAHAHAH =) so there went 1/2 an hour of useless swatching!

but... we'll see how it goes.

oh the picture was taken on my camera phone which has a protective covering over the lense. so it's fuzzy! =P and i can't find the charger to my digicam. i know i know...

i'll clean my house one day!


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