Monday, September 18, 2006

best roomie in town

so i had a week vaca from the roomie b/c roomie went on vaca for a week.

unfortunately school sucked and prevented me from enjoying too much of knitting. i did make progress on teh swatch for my mom's shirt. i did finish the swatch for salina on US 3's... but the best surprise of them all...

6 different skiens of sock yarn from brown sheep company. yes roomie bought me some. apparently roomies whole method for picking out yarn was "what wouldn't she pick for herself? i'll get her that!" my instant reaction upon hearing this was utter panic... omg will roomie get me fun fur? bright neons or metallics?!??! will roomie get me... ACRYLIC~?!??!?!!?

but nope... roomie got me, surprisingly, pretty colors. not the combinations i would have chosen, but that's the great thing about a gift. oh and roomie knew enough to ask about guage AND dye lots!

so yes, i have 3 different colors (2 skiens each) of brown sheep's wilde foot sock yarn. i think 2 are brilliant bouquet, 2 are mums and the other 2 are rag time???

oh and i went out and bought sensational knitted socks... great ideas... of course, i didn't read the blatant instructions that said "READ HOW TO USE THIS BOOK BEFORE USING THE BOOK"

so i casted on, ripped, casted on... ripped did some math.. casted on, ripped... did more math, and casted on again =)

haha yeha i know, but iw as so excited to use it!

oh and i went to michaels (no dpns!), uniquities (closed on sunday) and finally ac moore to pick up some 000, 00, 0 & 1 five set dpns (go figure) adn an extra sets of US 2 dpns by susan bates.

thanks to roomie, again, for suggesting i purchase more than 1 set of US 2s.

but yes... i'll let you knwo what my sock is when i finish. i think im ay need to adjust guage HAHAHAH, so it'll be the 50th time i'll rip, but we'll see. i htink my next thing will be to invest in differnt color nylon threads ro reinforcements of heels and toes!

until next time...


ps. i love purple mingren!

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Red said...

I'm now thinking of using the handspun NOT for the Simply Red of the evil wendy (well, they are both evil) but using a rowan pattern from the best pattern book ever. I'll let you know what ends up happening. I may endup getting the simply red pattern and doing it anyway