Wednesday, May 23, 2007

don't laugh at me

so...i'm a hayao miyazaki fan. my first movie of his i saw was spirited away. very very beautiful. although, i did want to stab the little girl for her lack of tone because she just seemed to scream throughout the whole thing.

my next movies of his i saw on a miyazaki marathon on cartoon network...but the roommate bought me howl's moving castle.

this is definately one of miyazaki's more mature films (if you can even say that)but i've watched it ... non stop ... since what? monday? and i'm still going LOL.

anyway, i love the art work, i love the colors, i love the voices. (christian bale is general)

so anyway...goober me who is a fan's type of fan (yes i've knitted a harry potter slytherin scarf - as a gift - that my friend wore to the opening and had people accost her for)

man am i tangential or what today?

anyway, being a goober fan fan ... i want to knit the toys on howl's bed. i'm leaning more towards the hippo with the stupidly long tail. yes, i will attempt to knit it big (life size)... and i figure it's easier than knitting wobbly spots on a cow ... with green ears (too cute)

but yeah... i figured knitting the toys would be easier than knitting a howl, calcifer, etc.

i am thinking of dying up some deep navy blue yarn and knitting some feathery lace socks...but that would require research and effort...but it is much less effort than trying to knit a howl...

maybe someone should just find me christian bale so i can make him socks...and our dogs can play together... /me starts dreaming...

so yeah... hippo with stupid long tail anyone?

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Kristi said...

I think it will be very cute! Go for it!