Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dye Session 01: Picture essay

So... I got an itch to dye yarn...and immediately went NUTS and bought a bunch of supplies

Target: Crock pot, plastic measuring spoons, wooden spoon, and basin
Safeway: Vinegar
Knit Picks: Jacquard Dye Starter set and yarn (3 skeins fingering, 2 worsted)
Already had: empty jars, aloe lined laytex gloves, packaging paper, Eucalan wool wash and printed instructions

So I redid the ties on the skein because I thought they were too tight...

this turned out to be a big mistake because i put it to soak and realized i was going to have a tangled mess

But I went ahead and did the following while it soaked
1. put room temp water in crock pot
2. put on gloves and mask
3. get the jar and put in some dye powder
4. added some hot water to swish (i don't like stirring to get out clumps and really didn't want to use ANOTHER utensil that i would never be able to use again)
5. added the rest of the warm water from the tea pot into the crock pot
6. added 3/4 vinegar to the crock pot
7. added dye solution to crock pot
8. grabbed yarn, squeezed it some
9. stuck it in and let it cook.... because i wanted a subtle solid i refused to move it...

it was looking so pretty until i started talking to red and realized that there are going to be white spots! so i ran to check...but alas, it was too late. the dye was almost completely exhausted and there was white spots galore.


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