Tuesday, May 22, 2007

my finger hurts

okay so i've had a two day dying adventure =)

i'm actually writing everything up in word and will include pictures AFTER i'm done with everything...

but let me tell you i'm pretty excited =D

i'll have some nice happy green socks. by "happy" green i mean something slightly yellowish, light, and happy. hopefully it's a subtle solid

oh - just found this >> http://theknittery.com/c/120995/1/8ply-dk-silk-merino.html look at the "barley grass" and that's pretty close to the color i have =)

i'll also have some varigated (or subtle solid) purple socks....they started off as magenta, but i missed spots (damn yarn ties) so i redyed it in a little bit of blue...got a bit worried b/c it was actually looking like blue, pink, and purple...but after 3 hours the water stopped being blue, pink water remained (assuming dye has been exhausted since the color's been completely mixed) and the yarn is purpleish... DARK purple...so we'll see.

definately LOVING dying =) feels so satisfying.

definately going to the knittery (see side bar under shopping) for some sock yarn =) cashmere sock yarn with nylon...

/me drools

can't wait to show you guys pictures

i'm also thinking of sending people some yarn i dyed just for the hell...but we'll see =)


ps. added Anti M to the side bar...say hello and take a peak!

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Marin said...

Aw... you added me to your sidebar! I always feel so validated when I'm a link somewhere. Thanks!

Ooooh! How'd the dyed stuff come out? I'm all excited. Take pictures! Take pictures!

I'm taking as good care of Red as I can. I'd like to say I'm keeping her out of trouble, but you know better. Mostly I'm just helping her accomplish her own unique brand of trouble.